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The Top 5 Must-Do Activities for Kids at Sunscape Splash and Sunscape Cove Montego Bay!

Here at Sunscape® Resorts & Spas, every day is perfect for family fun. We offer tons to see and do at all of our resorts, with extra-special activities for kids and teens.

Today, we’re counting down our top five must-do activities for kids at Sunscape Splash Montego Bay and Sunscape Cove Montego Bay! Read on to find out what’s on tap for our littlest guests during your vacation.

Family time ahoy! With Unlimited-Fun, you’ll find something for everyone to enjoy at Sunscape Splash Montego Bay and Sunscape Cove Montego Bay.

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Five Things to Pack in Your Child’s Carry-On

Air travel can be a hassle, no matter your age. Sometimes it seems like everything that can go wrong on your trip does, leaving you feeling helpless and frustrated. When you’re traveling with children, any issues you encounter become magnified! However, there is one aspect of your trip you have complete control over that can make or break your family’s journey: the carry-on. With proper planning and foresight, the carry-on can make all the difference during a lengthy flight—or delay, if you’re not so lucky! We’ve put together a list of tried and true must-haves for flying with children.

  1. Snacks: Everyone gets cranky when they’re hungry, especially kids. At this point, airlines only provide meals for exceptionally long flights, so it’s up to you to bring along snacks you know your kids will enjoy! Avoid anything sugary since the last thing you need on a flight is your child bouncing out of his or her seat. Pro tips: pack fruit and veggies frozen to keep them fresh longer and bring spill-proof cups to avoid disaster! Lastly, be sure to bring gum or a couple lollipops to reduce ear pressure during take-off and landing.
  2. Extra clothing: Spills, spit-ups and “accidents” happen. Always come prepared with a change of clothes for every traveler. Also bring sealable plastic bags to prevent any soiled clothes from contaminating the rest of your carry-on items. Keep in mind that even if you get lucky and avoid any messy disasters, long delays and lost luggage are always a possibility. It’s also wise to pack a sweatshirt or blanket for kids since planes tend to run cold.
  3. Portable battery charger: These can be a lifesaver for older kids. Available in a variety of sizes and prices, top-of-the-line portable battery chargers can recharge a dead smartphone multiple times and handle re-charging a tablet, too.
  4. Entertainment: Smartphones, iPods, tablets, portable DVD players and hand-held video games all make for great in-flight entertainment but unfortunately batteries die and sometimes technology simply fails inexplicably. Always bring activities that don’t require plugging in such as books, magazines, cards, drawing pads, crayons, crosswords and travel-size games.
  5. Special item: For that moment when everything goes haywire or the boredom becomes unbearable for little ones, pack a secret “life saver” item. This can be a new book, magazine, toy, game, stuffed animal or special snack—anything that you know will immediately redirect your kid’s attention from the problem and keep them occupied until it passes.

One last additional word of wisdom: invest in a carry-on for your kids with many separate pockets or compartments. It is one thing to pack everything you need for the flight, another to actually have it all quickly accessible in your moment of need! Follow these tips and before you know it, you will all be living it up at Sunscape Resorts & Spas. See you soon at your home away from home!

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