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Design the Picture-Perfect Instagram at Sunscape Resorts & Spas!

In the age of social media, sharing photos with friends is as common a practice as the phone call. That being said, when you hit the beach at any of our Sunscape Resorts & Spas locations, you’ll want to Instagram a few pictures! Here are our tips for taking the perfectly Instgrammable photo!

We chose this beautiful photo of Sunscape Curaçao Resort, Spa & Casino for our Instagram post!

We chose this beautiful photo of Sunscape Curaçao Resort, Spa & Casino for our Instagram post!

1. Set Yourself Up Squarely for Success

Before you even open Instagram, you need to get the perfect shot. Depending on what mobile device you’re using, set the aspect ratio to “Square” or 4:4. This will ensure that your photo is Instagram-ready, eliminating the hassle of cropping.

Crop your own Sunscape Resorts & Spas photo as you see fit!

Crop your own Sunscape Resorts & Spas photo as you see fit!

2. Tweak to Your Taste

Once you’ve opened your photo in Instagram, zoom in or out as necessary. After you’ve got the perfect fit, start playing around with filters. Instagram was recently updated with several new filters, expanding your ability to post the perfect photo.

For this picture of Sunscape Curaçao Resort, Spa & Casino, we liked Mayfair!

For this picture of Sunscape Curaçao Resort, Spa & Casino, we liked Mayfair!

3. Add Adjustments

Your photo is great, your filter looks fabulous… What’s next? Tap on the wrench to move on to the next step in crafting your picture-perfect post.

You’ll see a ton of photo-editing tools that are relatively new to Instagram. Are some of the fine details in your photo being lost? Adjust the sharpness. Is the sand too bright? Play around with brightness, contrast, highlights, and shadows.

We used several tools to bring out the beautiful shades of blue in our photo!

We used several tools to bring out the beautiful shades of blue in our photo!

4. Post Your Pic

There’s no scientific formula to creating the perfect Instagram: It’s really about your taste and the message you want to send to your followers. You’ve seen our finished product, and with these tips, you’ll be able to craft yours.

Save big on your next Sunscape Resorts & Spas getaway with our Winter GREATaways offer!

Save big on your next Sunscape Resorts & Spas getaway with our Winter GREATaways offer!

Now that you have everything you need to create an incredible Instagram, plan your Sunscape vacation to make it a reality! Our Winter GREATaways offer makes it easy, delivering up to 30 percent savings and $400 in resort coupons! What are you waiting for? Get snapping, gramming, lounging, and living it up at Sunscape Resorts & Spas!



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4 Beachy Reasons to Visit Cozumel!

As far as paradisaical vacation destinations go, Cozumel—an island situated off the eastern shores of Mexico—has it all: but you probably didn’t know that! To bring you up to speed on the allure of Sunscape Sabor Cozumel Resort & Spa‘s home, we’re giving you a breakdown of the top travel temptations that Cozumel has to offer!

Sunscape Sabor Cozumel Resort & Spa

The shoreline of Sunscape Sabor Cozumel Resort & Spa is already inviting!

1. Diving Delight

Cozumel serves as one of the top diving destinations not only in the Caribbean Sea, but in the entire world. Its brilliant coral reefs invite divers of all skill levels to experience the vibrant natural beauty that lies below the surface.

Sunscape Sabor Cozumel Resort & Spa

Come face-to-face with some of Cozumel’s beautiful wildlife at Sunscape Sabor Cozumel Resort & Spa!

2. Holy History!

Cozumel has been around for a long time, and its abundance of historical attractions are definitely a must-see. From ancient Mayan ruins to shipwrecks frozen in time, there are enough cultural artifacts to astonish every traveler!

Sunscape Sabor Cozumel Resort & Spa

What will you discover below the surface at Sunscape Sabor Cozumel Resort & Spa?

3. Beautiful Beaches

For travelers who love to bask in the sun and bum in the sand, Cozumel offers miles and miles of snowy white beaches. Grab a blanket and a good read and you’re ready for a day of sunny relaxation in the soft, warm sand.

Sunscape Sabor Cozumel Resort & Spa

Stroll on the soft, sandy beaches of Sunscape Sabor Cozumel Resort & Spa.

4. Dolphin Date

Going nose-to-nose with dolphins is on many bucket lists and another fun and unforgettable experience in Cozumel for all ages. Cozumel’s popularity derives from its fabulous undersea flora and fauna, and these dolphins are no exception!

"Mwah!" Who else wants to kiss that adorable face? Photo Credit: Dolphinaris

“Mwah!” Who else wants to kiss that adorable dolphin? Photo Credit: Dolphinaris

Now that you’ve seen a glimpse of the wonders waiting for you in Cozumel, we’d love to make your dream getaway a reality at Sunscape Sabor Cozumel Resort & Spa! Pack your bags, we can’t wait to see you!

Live in luxury at Sunscape Sabor Cozumel Resort & Spa while you enjoy the offerings of paradise!

Live in luxury at Sunscape Sabor Cozumel Resort & Spa while you enjoy the offerings of paradise!

Happy Beach Thursday, and we hope you’ll join us for your incredible Cozumel vacation soon!

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Start Your Life Together at Sunscape Resorts & Spas!

Weddings are monumental events that call for romance, beauty, and excitement. Sunscape Resorts & Spas are the perfect backdrop for this most special of occasions! Each Sunscape property features locations of unparalleled natural beauty for your wedding ceremony. If you and your significant other love the beach, there’s no better place to start your life together than Sunscape Resorts & Spas. Check out some of your ceremony options at our three properties below!

Sunscape Sabor Cozumel

No wedding at Sunscape Sabor Cozumel is complete without some beautiful flowers!

Sunscape Curacao is just as beautiful by night as it is during the day!

Sunscape Curaçao Resort, Spa & Casino is just as beautiful by night as it is during the day!

An incredible view from the ground and high above Sunscape Dorado Pacifico Ixtapa's wedding gazebo.

An incredible view from both the ground and high above Sunscape Dorado Pacifico Ixtapa’s wedding gazebo.

We have various wedding packages available at each of our resorts to suit your needs, along with professional wedding coordinators to make sure that every detail is just the way you want it! If you could picture yourself getting married at any of these locations, contact info@sunscaperesorts.com for more information!

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Join us in Curaçao for the Curaçao Jazz Festival with Bruno Mars!

Nothing is better than the combination of beautiful beaches and great live entertainment! Visit Sunscape Curaçao Resort, Spa & Casino during the annual Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival this Labor Day weekend, August 29th & 30th, for a vacation experience unlike any other. Featuring superstar performers from a variety of genres including chart-topping pop crooner Bruno Mars, veteran classic rocker Rod Stewart and British blues songstress Joss Stone, this two-day festival is an event that you won’t want to miss!

7.30.14 SUCUR Jazz Festival 2

There’s no need to feel “Locked out of Heaven”! Let us “Treasure” you at Sunscape Curaçao Resort, Spa & Casino! Like us on Facebook by August 15th and enter for a chance to win a complimentary stay plus 2 festival tickets, or guarantee your spot in the crowd and book your stay at Sunscape Curaçao Resort, Spa & Casino today!

7.30.14 SUCUR Jazz Festival


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Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo from Sunscape Resorts & Spas! How much do you know about this fun Mexican holiday? Though many people celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, the history behind it is often confused with Mexican Independence Day, which actually falls on September 16th.

Cinco de Mayo celebrations at Sunscape Curaçao Resort, Spa & Casino.

Instead, Cinco de Mayo occurred fifty years later and commemorates the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. A small, poorly-armed group of about 4,500 Mexican soldiers led by General Ignacio Zaragoza defeated the French Army, then considered one of the most powerful in the world, which outnumbered them by nearly two to one. The battle only lasted four hours before the Mexican forces were victorious. Cinco de Mayo as we know it today originated in Mexican-American communities in the American West as a way to celebrate freedom and democracy during the first years of the American Civil War.

Depiction of a Mexican soldier defeating a member of the French army at the Battle of Puebla.

Though the holiday is celebrated on a grander scale in the U.S. than Mexico, all public schools there are closed nationwide for Cinco de Mayo. Most Mexican Cinco de Mayo celebrations take place in the town of Puebla, where the battle occurred. The highlight is a parade featuring people dressed up as Mexican or French soldiers and sometimes there is even a reenactment of Mexico’s victory. Those portraying the Mexican soldiers walk armed with machetes and old-fashioned rifles while the French portrayers carry knapsacks with bottles of wine sticking out of them. The fiesta includes games, dances, mariachi music, colorful decorations, piñatas and fireworks.

Now that you’re up to snuff on Cinco de Mayo history, you’re ready to celebrate at Sunscape Resorts & Spas, where we’ll be going all out with traditional Mexican food, drinks, dancing, games and more. ¡Viva Mexico!

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Discover the Magic of Curaçao

Are you ready to discover the magic of Curaçao? Sunscape Curaçao Resort, Spa & Casino offers fun for everyone in the heart of the Dutch Caribbean. Located near Aruba and off the coast of Venezuala, the 38-mile long island of Curaçao is home to unparalleled diving sites, idyllic weather and exquisite beaches. Luckily for you, getting to Curaçao is now easier than ever! 

Enjoy convenient non-stop flights from Miami to Curaçao seven days a week, with easy connections from cities nationwide. Plus, take advantage of our $350 air credit offer! Stay seven nights and earn $350 in air credit per room. Book a second room and save on air for you and the whole family. There has never been a better time to discover the heavenly island of Curaçao. Click here to learn more about this special offer and book your stay with us today!


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Five Ways to Go Green While on Vacation

At Sunscape Resorts & Spas, we are thrilled to offer Unlimited-Fun® getaways while maintaining a focus on measurable sustainability efforts. We are continuously committed to lessening our environmental impact and encourage all of our guests to do the same. It is all too easy to neglect our typical “green” habits and behaviors while on vacation. However, we have just as much of an impact on the environment when we are on vacation as we do at home. Below are five easy tips for going green while you’re on vacation.

The incredible natural scenery of Sunscape Sabor Cozumel, Sunscape Dorado Pacifico Ixtapa and Sunscape Curacao Resorts & Spas.

  • Unplug everything: Some of the most important things you can do to go green on vacation start before you even leave your home! Over time, electric vampirism can make a big impact on both the environment and your electric bill. Before you leave for your trip, unplug everything: the TV, electronic chargers, computers, microwaves, clocks, printers, cable boxes and anything else you can find that plugs in to the wall. Standby power can account for up to 10 percent of your electric bill and many plugged-in items quickly add up. Why pay for electric consumption when you aren’t even home? Don’t forget to shut off the heat or air conditioner, or set the thermostat closer to the temperature outdoors, either!
  • Use biodegradable sunblock: The ingredients in chemical-based sunscreens can cause damage to already delicate coral reefs. If you plan on going in the water, be sure to choose a biodegradable or “reef-friendly” sunscreen. They are even mandatory in some areas of Cancun and Cozumel!
  • Shut down your hotel room: Just because you’re not in your own home paying for electricity isn’t a reason to leave the lights on all day. Shut off lights whenever you leave your room and use natural light whenever possible. Turn off your air conditioning whenever you leave the room. It eats up a whole lot of power in hot, tropical locations and a room or suite will cool down quickly as soon as you return and turn the A/C back on.
  • Buy local: If you’re exploring the area or on a day-trip, check out souvenirs from local artists and markets. You’ll find crafts and handiwork that are truly unique to your vacation locale and also support the local community.
  • Reuse towels and linens: Hardly anyone would wash their towels and bed linens after each use at home. There’s no need to do so at a resort, either. Reusing bath towels and linens saves money by reducing water, energy and detergent usage as well as labor.
All it takes are a few simple steps for your vacation to be just as green as your everyday life would be at home. See you soon at Sunscape Resorts & Spas!


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Let’s Get Social with Sunscape Resorts & Spas!

At Sunscape Resorts & Spas, we love to get social, and we especially love how easy technology makes it to interact with our fans! We are accessible on all the major social media channels, including Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter and each of our resort properties is on Facebook as well.

Get social with Sunscape Resorts & Spas!

There’s no better way to keep up with the latest events, changes, deals and promotions at Sunscape Resorts than to follow us on all our social media accounts. Whether you want to check out pictures of the resort grounds, restaurants and weddings, share your own photos and thoughts on your Sunscape escape, stay in touch with other Sunscape fans and friends you made on your vacation, or always be the first to hear about ways to save on your next stay, social media is a fantastic way to stay connected. You’ll be a true Sunscape Resorts & Spas insider in no time!

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Unlimited-Fun at Sunscape Resorts & Spas

We think a tropical vacation is all about two things: relaxation and fun! At Sunscape Resorts & Spas, we know you’re here to have a good time which is why we offer all our guests the exceptional privileges of our Unlimited-Fun® program to make sure your vacation is anything but ordinary. Your Unlimited-Fun® stay includes:

  • Spacious rooms and suites with daily refreshed mini-bars, private terraces and fabulous views
  • Specialty themed restaurants and buffets serving delicious cuisine with indoor and outdoor settings
  • Domestic and international beverages, soft drinks and natural fruit juices served at swim-up bars and pool/beachside lounges
  • No reservations, no wristbands
  • Refreshing swimming pools and breathtaking beaches with daily land and water activities for adults and children
  • Exceptional entertainment from sunrise until sunset, all in spectacular settings
  • A fun, friendly staff who will make you feel like the honored guest you are

Are you ready to have the time of your life? Book your Unlimited-Fun® vacation today!

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Make it at Home: Grilled Mahi Mahi with Caribbean Spiced Habanero Peach Butter

Do you ever dream about bringing home the taste of some of the fresh seafood served at Sunscape Resorts & Spas back to your dinner table? Now you can with this recipe for spicy and savory mahi mahi. This particular plate pairs the distinct flavors of the mahi mahi fish with a unique sweet and spicy fusion of habanero and peach. Here’s a step-by-step guide for creating this delicious dish!

Mahi Mahi Ingredients:

2 medium garlic cloves, minced
½ medium red onion, minced
½ tbsp. ground red pepper
1 tbsp. fresh, ground black pepper
1 ½ tbsp. mild paprika
½ tsp. dried thyme
½ tsp. dried oregano
½ tsp. dried basil
4 mahi mahi fillets (6 to 8 oz. each)
4 tbsp. habanero-peach butter


Habanero Peach Butter Ingredients:

2 tbs. olive oil
2 habanero peppers or 4 jalapeno chiles, minced
½ medium red bell pepper, minced
½ medium shallot, minced
6 tbs. balsamic vinegar (do not substitute)
1 tbs. honey
3 large ripe peaches, unpeeled, pitted and sliced
¾ lb. unsalted butter, softened

Peach-Habanero Butter Directions: 

  1. Directions for the Habanero Peach Butter:
  2. Heat the oil over high heat in a medium saucepan.
  3. Add the chiles, bell pepper, and shallot; cook over high heat for 2 minutes.
  4. Add the vinegar and honey to the chile mixture, reduce the heat to low, and simmer until almost all the liquid has evaporated, about 3 minutes.
  5. Remove from the heat; cool.
  6. Place 2 of the peaches and the butter in a food processor or blender.
  7. Process until well mixed.
  8. Add cooled chile mixture to the butter puree, and process until well blended.
  9. Transfer the butter mixture to small bowl.
  10. Mince the remaining peach, add it to the butter mixture, and blend well.

Mahi Mahi Directions:

  1. Preheat the broiler.
  2. Combine the garlic, onion, red pepper, black pepper, paprika, thyme, oregano and basil in a shallow bowl. Mix well.
  3. Dredge the fillets in the spice mixture, coating both sides well.
  4. Place the fillets onto a foil-lined baking sheet.
  5. Broil 4 inches from the heat, turning once until the juices begin to run (approximately 7 minutes).
  6. Garnish each fillet with 1 tbsp. of the habanero-peach butter.
  7. Serve immediately.

Enjoy the taste of vacation!







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