Five Ways to Go Green While on Vacation

At Sunscape Resorts & Spas, we are thrilled to offer Unlimited-Fun® getaways while maintaining a focus on measurable sustainability efforts. We are continuously committed to lessening our environmental impact and encourage all of our guests to do the same. It is all too easy to neglect our typical “green” habits and behaviors while on vacation. However, we have just as much of an impact on the environment when we are on vacation as we do at home. Below are five easy tips for going green while you’re on vacation.

The incredible natural scenery of Sunscape Sabor Cozumel, Sunscape Dorado Pacifico Ixtapa and Sunscape Curacao Resorts & Spas.

  • Unplug everything: Some of the most important things you can do to go green on vacation start before you even leave your home! Over time, electric vampirism can make a big impact on both the environment and your electric bill. Before you leave for your trip, unplug everything: the TV, electronic chargers, computers, microwaves, clocks, printers, cable boxes and anything else you can find that plugs in to the wall. Standby power can account for up to 10 percent of your electric bill and many plugged-in items quickly add up. Why pay for electric consumption when you aren’t even home? Don’t forget to shut off the heat or air conditioner, or set the thermostat closer to the temperature outdoors, either!
  • Use biodegradable sunblock: The ingredients in chemical-based sunscreens can cause damage to already delicate coral reefs. If you plan on going in the water, be sure to choose a biodegradable or “reef-friendly” sunscreen. They are even mandatory in some areas of Cancun and Cozumel!
  • Shut down your hotel room: Just because you’re not in your own home paying for electricity isn’t a reason to leave the lights on all day. Shut off lights whenever you leave your room and use natural light whenever possible. Turn off your air conditioning whenever you leave the room. It eats up a whole lot of power in hot, tropical locations and a room or suite will cool down quickly as soon as you return and turn the A/C back on.
  • Buy local: If you’re exploring the area or on a day-trip, check out souvenirs from local artists and markets. You’ll find crafts and handiwork that are truly unique to your vacation locale and also support the local community.
  • Reuse towels and linens: Hardly anyone would wash their towels and bed linens after each use at home. There’s no need to do so at a resort, either. Reusing bath towels and linens saves money by reducing water, energy and detergent usage as well as labor.
All it takes are a few simple steps for your vacation to be just as green as your everyday life would be at home. See you soon at Sunscape Resorts & Spas!


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Ready To Wed

After years of waiting it’s finally time to get married! Now where to begin? With so many options on where and when to get married, planning a destination wedding can become overwhelming. Make it easy on yourself and get married at one of the beautiful Sunscape Resorts & Spas! With a dedicated onsite wedding coordinator and customizable wedding packages your planning becomes stress free!  Right now when you hold your destination wedding at Sunscape Resorts & Spas between the dates of April 1, 2014 through October 31, 2014 you’ll receive a $500 resort credit to use toward special touches that will make your wedding truly unique! Plus, if you book 10 rooms or more for a minimum of 3-nights the wedding couple stays free! So if your newly engaged and looking to have a breathtaking destination wedding, then book your wedding from March 1 – April 30, 2014. Wondering what to do with your resort credit? Here are some fun ideas to get you started…


 Thank your guests with a Day after Brunch

Have a Mariachi Band play at your reception and everyone will want to dance!


Entertain your guests with a spectacular fire show!


Hurry…this offer ends April 30, 2014!! Click here for more details!


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Special Events Spotlight: 2014 FIFA World Cup

What are you doing for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil this year? Book your trip at any Sunscape Resort & Spa today and visit us between June 12th and July 13th for soccer, food and entertainment! Here’s what is in store for you:

  • World Cup Kick-Off: We’re kicking the games off right here at Sunscape! The Sunscape Entertainment teams have a full day of festivities in store for you, such as Brazilian themed parties, games, celebrations, Capoiera shows, parades around the pool and more! This will happen on June 12th.
  • The Games: All games be shown at various locations at our resorts, such as the sport bars or lounges, throughout the entire month! Root for your favorite teams and we’ll provide you with unlimited beverages and delicious food. Games featuring USA, Mexico and Brazil will be showcased with extra special events, decor, games and entertainment!
  • Series of Finals: Quarter finals, semi-finals and final-finals – we’ll be making a BIG deal out of these games at Sunscape! Final series of games will be shown in larger resort areas such as ballrooms and conference centers (locations vary by resort) and the Sunscape Entertainment teams will be providing exciting games & soccer-themed entertainment, along with buffets of food and drinks!

Bring your jerseys and you’re soccer balls – and you’ll be sure to score at any of our properties! Games and entertainment is tailored for guests of all ages.

Book your stay with the Air Credit Promotion between today and May 28th, and you’ll receive a $350 air credit for a 7-night stay, up to $400 in resort coupons and up to 2 kids free stays when staying in the same room as 2 paying adults. Don’t miss out!

Air Credit Promotion details:

Sunscape Resorts & Spas:


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Kickstart your day at Sunscape Dorado at our Coco Café!

If you’re the type of person that could never fathom starting the day until that first cup of morning joe, Sunscape Dorado Pacifico Ixtapa is the place for you! Our Coco Café has it all, whether you’re craving a cappuccino, latte, macchiato or Americano. And with such talented baristas, as you can see, each drink is a work of art! Get your caffeine fix and book your stay at Sunscape Dorado today!


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$350 Air Credit + Kids Stay Free at Sunscape Resorts & Spas!

Your ticket to luxury is here…but it won’t last long!

Make your next vacation an Unlimited-Fun® vacation with our exciting $350 Air Credit offer + up to 2 kids stay free at Sunscape Dorado Pacifico Ixtapa or Sunscape Sabor Cozumel!

Hurry, this offer ends April 28, 2014! Reserve your getaway today.


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Relax at the Spa at Sunscape Sabor Cozumel

For many vacationers, nothing says total relaxation more than a trip to the spa! Here at Sunscape Sabor Cozumel, we’re happy to offer our guests the ultimate luxury experience with our Spa by Pevonia, featuring a wide variety of treatments to relax, refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body. The Spa allows you to indulge, pamper and take care of all your beauty needs.

With more than 35 different treatments available, we have everything you require to feel and look your best both during your sunny vacation and even after the return home. If that sounds heavenly to you, book your stay at Sunscape Sabor Cozumel today!

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Unlimited-Fun at Sunscape Resorts & Spas

We think a tropical vacation is all about two things: relaxation and fun! At Sunscape Resorts & Spas, we know you’re here to have a good time which is why we offer all our guests the exceptional privileges of our Unlimited-Fun® program to make sure your vacation is anything but ordinary. Your Unlimited-Fun® stay includes:

  • Spacious rooms and suites with daily refreshed mini-bars, private terraces and fabulous views
  • Specialty themed restaurants and buffets serving delicious cuisine with indoor and outdoor settings
  • Domestic and international beverages, soft drinks and natural fruit juices served at swim-up bars and pool/beachside lounges
  • No reservations, no wristbands
  • Refreshing swimming pools and breathtaking beaches with daily land and water activities for adults and children
  • Exceptional entertainment from sunrise until sunset, all in spectacular settings
  • A fun, friendly staff who will make you feel like the honored guest you are

Are you ready to have the time of your life? Book your Unlimited-Fun® vacation today!

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It’s Wordless Wednesday at Sunscape Sabor!

Last night we announced the winner of our #SunscapeSunset contest hosted by Sunscape Sabor Cozumel! The winner was Brad B and he will win a complimentary 3-night stay for two!

Sunscape Sabor is on the small island of Cozumel, just 12 miles off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and has some of the best sunsets in the world!  Check out a few our our fan photos below that were submitted to the #SunscapeSunset contest!


Fan Photo Credit : Jen

Fan Photo Credit: Mindy

Our Winner: Brad B.

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Make it at Home: Irish Mojito

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Nothing celebrates this Irish holiday more than a green-colored cocktail by the pool! Here at Sunscape Resorts & Spas, we like to celebrate with all things green–even our Mojitos!

Dreaming of sipping on an Irish Mojito! Book your stay at Sunscape Resorts & Spas and you will get a Shamrockin of savings! This is exclusive offer will only last for three days!






Irish Mojito

fresh lime juice, about 1/2 lime
small handful of fresh mint leaves
1 1/2 ounces Bacardi Limon
2 teaspoons granulated sugar
club soda, just a splash
green food coloring (one-two drops)
Garnish with a lime wedge

1. Squeeze half a lime into a shaker. Add mint leaves. Muddle together using a muddler or the end of a wooden spoon. Add Bacardi, sugar, a few drops of green color and a handful of ice. Place lid on shaker & shake.

2. Strain drink into a martini glass. Top off with a splash of club soda. Add the lime wedge for garnish, and serve.

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Special Events Spotlight: April

At Sunscape Resorts & Spas we love to celebrate! Check out what we’ll be celebrating at our properties in April:

April 20th – Easter Sunday

The Easter Bunny is on his way to Sunscape properties! Kids in the Explorer’s Club will get to decorate Easter eggs, go on egg hunts and enjoy special treats & arts/crafts on this special day. Adults will get to enjoy a delicious buffet with champagne and a big screen movie at night.

April 22nd – Earth Day

Activities for kids (and adults) will be held all day long, centered around environmental awareness! Mother Earth will also be recognized in special lectures, which will educate guests (young and old) how they can maintain a socially responsible lifestyle.

Hamburger Festival – All April Long

During the whole month of April, guests will get to enjoy a special menu with 10 gourmet, mouth-watering burgers at participating Sunscape properties! Enter now -

Check back each month for event information or…

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