Meet the team bringing you the latest from your favorite resorts! From the luxurious accommodations, to the delicious food, to the pristine beaches, they’re here to give you an inside look at your next great vacation. Happy planning!

photoJaclyn D’Olio

There aren’t many things I love more than my dog Trotter. One of the only things that comes close is travel! I’m always excited to visit a new place and experience a new culture. From the food to the people I love experiencing a whole new world. Now only if Trotter could come with!

Now it’s time for me to put what I’ve learned to good use – by sharing it with you! From all the details of Endless Privileges®, Unlimited-Luxury® and Unlimited-Fun® to which specialty cocktail I recommend (It’s the Dirty Monkey, in case you were wondering!). I know the pure joy of being treated like royalty at a top notch resort and it’s something that everyone needs to experience!

FullSizeRenderJamie Santoro

Traveling was never something that I got enough of growing up. That’s why when the opportunity to work in the travel industry came up, it was an easy decision. Now I’m slowly but surely adding new stamps to my passport and learning every day. Where to next?

One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that there are plenty of ways to make sure you have a great vacation. You just need all the facts! Do you know about the perks of the Preferred Club? Did you know that some restaurants have a dress code? As I learn so will you!

543176_102805369860679_780346687_n[1]Zuko Garcia

I, more than anyone, understand the joy of experiencing a beautiful, passionate country because Mexico is my home! I love to share the things I love about my country with new people every day. I get to see first-hand the joy a well-deserved vacation can bring.

I’ll be giving you a first-hand account of the goings-on down here in paradise! I’ll try my best to transport you to the beaches, restaurants and spas. When you’re here, every day is a celebration and I want to give you a taste. Come visit me soon!