Must Have Items for Family Travel

Traveling with the entire family can be quite the task. Sure, it’s exciting to get away but don’t forget to throw all of those key essentials into your suitcase. To make packing a little easier so that you can enjoy the Unlimited-Fun® that Sunscape Resorts has to offer, we’ve put together this list of items that you won’t want to forget when traveling with the whole family.

#1 Thin duffel bag. Packing lightly with kids is nearly impossible. And we know there is nothing worse than getting all the way up to the ticket counter and finding out your check-in bag is too heavy. Pack an extra duffel so that if you need to lighten your check-in bag, you can. Also, you can use this bag it to transport home the souvenirs you buy on your trip!

#2 Blue painter’s tape. This item is perfect for traveling with infants and toddlers  Use it to hang  up your child’s artwork in your guestroom that they make at the Explorer’s Club.

#3 Antibacterial wipes. Germs are everywhere so you can never have enough antibacterial wipes! These can be used to kill germs on your hands, your child’s hands, and your child’s toys, which will most likely end up on the floor of the plane.

#4 Ziploc Bags. Ziploc bags are a must have for any family trip. They can be used for snacks or as leak-tight carriers. Put your camera in a Ziploc bag when you go to the beach to avoid getting it damaged by sand. They can also be helpful in protecting important documents and keeping small items organized.

#5 Travel Journal or Sketch Pad. It’s wonderful for adults and the little ones to make memories while traveling together. Keeping a travel journal is a perfect way to look back on your experiences. Sketch pads are great for the artists in the family to bring back masterpieces or inspiration from the trip.  

You don’t need to worry about bringing beach towels along because we have them for your use at the pool and beach areas. What are some of your recommendations for items to bring when traveling with kids? We’d love to hear them!

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